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I am Samia Al Saleh, a beauty expert, entrepreneur and social influencer known for pioneering the organic beauty products in Qatar. I began my career as a makeup artist 12 years ago. Throughout this time, my greatest passion was to create authentic homemade skin and hair care remedies that were beauty secrets passed down from my family. These beauty secrets taught me about organic mixtures, the art of mixing the correct proportion of ingredients and creating the right blend for maximum benefit. This is what inspired me to open my very first salon at West bay in 2016. Today, I am launching S Squared Beauty Salon, Spa and Boutique to provide another signature services and products in the region.

I have always been an advocate of natural ingredients such as plant extracts and herbs and believe that they are the best for the hair, scalp and skin. As a makeup artist with over 12 years of experience, I have managed to see beauty in various forms and dimensions and admire the richness of other cultures and believe there is a lot to learn from them. I am inspired by the natural beauty of the Middle East, Far East as well as the Qatari culture. As a constant learner, I wish to share my experiences with others through my beauty salons and Sa products.

By combining my experience and my expertise, I wish to serve you beautiful ladies in a way that reflects my personal beliefs and philosophy in life.

Yours truly,
Samia Alsaleh
SA story

SA by Samia Al Saleh is the first Qatari personal care brand that specializes in body, Hair and Skin. founded on 20th November 2017.

When I began my career as a hair spa specialist, I noticed a huge demand for my home made hair treatments. I was so glad that females loved my oils and hair protein masks.

This really had me thinking

I believe that there is a fashionista inside every female waiting to be discovered. This is the reason why she wants to change her hair color. But she must know that every color transformation must be followed with a proper home care routine to prevent damage. Through Sa, I wanted to provide each fashionista with a home care routine that is easily available and she can thoroughly enjoy!

Even young girls like my own daughter used to struggle with a proper hair care routine at home. This pushed me further to come up with a signature hair care and skin care product line that encourages every girl to embrace her original hair texture, and fall in love with her own skin and hair.

Through this brand, I wanted to create something that would help females from all walks of life with their hair and skin problems - whether its sensitive scalp, dry or damage hair or anything else.

In the past, I used recommended my clients chemical free products but discovered they were not easily and readily available. So that is the day I said to myself. "I have to come up with the solution, not compromising on the quality or the result!"

We love nature

My products are made with organic ingredients harnessing the bounty of nature fruits, seeds, buds and flowers. Ingredients are extracted using the brand's cutting-edge experts and techniques that were inspired by my grandmother's recipes through this brand. I wanted to create something that would help females from all walk of life with their hair and skin problems - whether it's a sensitive scalp, dry or damaged hair or anything else.

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